Crypto Market on Bullish Trend: Bitcoin Hits $23k, Litecoin Halving Attracts Whales

• The total crypto market cap has regained the pre-FTX level after Bitcoin topped $23k earlier this week.
• Litecoin (LTC) whales are actively transacting and the upcoming Litecoin halving is attracting significant attention from whale investors.
• The dYdX cryptocurrency exchange has attracted over 25k traders and recorded approximately $1.4 billion in 24-hour transactions.

The crypto market has been on a bullish trend lately with Bitcoin topping $23k earlier this week and the total market cap regaining the pre-FTX level. This has led to an increase in altcoin market gains with crypto coins such as Litecoin (LTC), dYdX (DYDX), and Aptos (APT) performing well.

Litecoin (LTC) is one of the oldest in the industry and is currently trading around $89.13, up 26 percent in the past 30 days. The upcoming halving event is characterized by increased volatility both before and after the event and this has attracted significant attention from whale investors. Analysts from Santiment have reported a resurgence of transactions that are valued at $1 million or more. The total market capitalization for Litecoin is $6.42 billion and is currently trading above pre-FTX levels and made an eight-month ATH.

The dYdX cryptocurrency exchange has also been doing well and has attracted over 25,000 traders. These traders have clocked in approximately $1,417,512,035 in 24-hour transactions. The platform offers users a wide range of features such as margin trading, perpetual contracts, and options. The platform is also secured by the PoW consensus mechanism, ensuring the safety of user funds.

Overall, the crypto market is performing well and is being driven by positive fundamentals such as the upcoming Litecoin halving and the increased activity on dYdX. In the coming weeks, analysts expect even better performance as the market continues to rally.

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