Cardano Unveils Vasil Upgrade: Boost Smart Contract Development Now!

• Cardano network is focusing on developing smart contracts with the implementation of Vasil upgrade resulting in growth of decentralized applications.
• The Cardano network intends to make further upgrades to ensure its DeFi ecosystem remains competitive with other smart contract-enabled blockchains.
• IOG will initiate mainnet deployment via a hard fork combinator event on February 14th, leading to an increase in Cardano’s on-chain activity.

Cardano Upgrading for Smart Contract Development

The Cardano network has been focused on the development of smart contracts through the successful implementation of the Vasil upgrade last year, which has resulted in a growth in decentralized applications and an increase in on-chain activity. In order to remain competitive with other blockchain networks, Cardano plans to make further upgrades to enable multi-chain communications, allowing users to build unilaterally scalable Dapps and cross-chain applications efficiently.

Vasil Upgrade Features

In order to accomplish this goal, the Vasil upgrade will feature built-in functions that support ECDSA and Schnorr signatures along with Cardano’s native signature (SECP or SECP256k1). This functionality is currently undergoing testing by members of the ADA community and will be deployed onto the devnet shortly before being moved over to preview and pre-production environments for further testing. Upon successful completion of these tests, IOG plans to initiate mainnet deployment via a hard fork combinator event on February 14th.

Positive Effects Expected from Upgrade

The effects of this upgrade are expected to be positive for both developers and investors; developers should benefit from having more efficient tools when creating their Dapps while investors should see an increase in total value locked as well as higher liquidity levels. Additionally, increased activity on the network may result in a price bump for ADA tokens which currently traded around $0.364407 at time of writing.

Future Plans For Cardano Network

Moving forward, IOG plans continue making upgrades that help put them ahead of competing blockchains while meeting demand from users and regulations alike. With continuous evolution comes new opportunities for developers building their projects on top of this PoS secured blockchain – all while providing investors with more avenues for earning passive income through yield farming activities or simply buying/selling ADA tokens themselves..


The upcoming hardfork combinator event scheduled for February 14th should prove beneficial both developers looking into building projects on top of Cardano’s blockchain as well as those hoping for better performance from their investment portfolios due it’s expected effect increasing total value locked within this protocol’s DeFi ecosystems as well as higher liquidity levels across exchanges trading ADA tokens

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