Bitcoin Price Rockets: $30K Imminent??

• Bitcoin and Ethereum are currently trading at $23,000 and $1,500 area respectively.
• Crypto strategist Altcoin Sherpa is predicting a bullish target for DYDX, GMX and Injective.
• Bitcoin is mirroring its late 2018 and early 2019 trade cycle with a potential to reach $30,000.

Bitcoin Price Mirrors Late 2018 Pattern

The crypto market is currently flashing a mixed signal where most of the large cap cryptocurrencies have turned red. However, the first two cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum, are still holding on to their crucial level of $23,000 and $1,500 area respectively.

Altcoin Sherpa Predicts Bullish Target

A well-known crypto strategist and trader who is anonymously known as Altcoin Sherpa is predicting a bullish target for DYDX, GMX, and Injective. The analyst claims that these three decentralized altcoins are performing really well while the crypto market’s shifts between ups and downs. Meanwhile DYDX has surged 23.31% over the last 24 hours while GMX and Injective have gained 1.33% and 16.35% respectively in the past day.

Bitcoin Could Reach $30K

Altcoin Sherpa talks about Bitcoin claiming that it is moving mirroring its late 2018 and early 2019 trade cycle which saw it spike from $3,000 level to that of $14,000 area. The analyst believes that this trade pattern could be short term but could see bitcoin reach upwards of $30K if momentum continues to build up in favor of cryptocurrency adoption worldwide.

Risk Management in Cryptocurrency Market

Elena R., an expert in technical analysis and risk management in cryptocurrency market with 10+ years experience in writing says that investors should take extra caution when investing into any asset class as there always remains a risk associated with it regardless of how optimistic predictions may be regarding its future outlooks..


The crypto market has been showing signs of volatility despite Bitcoin maintaining its price above the crucial level of 23K USD mark for the time being . While Altcoin Sherpa predicts bullish targets for some large cap altcoins such as DYDX ,GMX & INJ he also believes that if momentum continues to build up we might see BTC reaching levels as high as 30K USD by 2023 end . However investors should always keep an eye out for any unforeseen risks or regulations which may come into effect anytime soon in order to minimize losses at all times .

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